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Who can join the UTS Platform ?

Schools - throughout South Africa, Universities, Colleges Students, Parents,
Immediate relatives. Businesses.
For any further information please feel free to contact us and set up a meeting. Let us get you started on the road to more financial freedom. Education and growth for a better South Africa.

Financial benefits and offerings to Schools in South Africa.

Financed packages subsidized by UTS – wi-fi devices, smart-boards etc with extensive discounts ( T & C’s apply). UTS School members will have access to exclusive rental deals on electronic equipment with the added benefit of bad debt cover (optional). Low risk for high returns.

Private access to suppliers, retailers and foundations that will assist you in brand participation of technological projects. Simply put, you have corporations that will assist you in creating a better platform for educating your school children. Technology results in educational growth and success for the school. All school members have direct access to unbeatable electronic package deals. We negotiate exclusive limited deals on your behalf. Unbelievable value that is found nowhere else.

Any purchase made through the UTS portal will connect to their school via a link which will automatically notify the UTS team, and a % of that buy will be sent to the school. For those of you who have experienced the ” My School Card ” you will have a clear understanding of the passive income that will be generated for your school. Each and every school, at either the discretion of the Headmaster, financial accountant or Governing body- has the right to authorise their own individual choices that are made with regard to the financial packages provided by the various suppliers.

The school, therefore, is the guiding force with regard to the financial deals that their students, teachers and parents will receive and partake in. All commitments and undertakings from UTS are done via the school’s ethos. Suppliers who already have relationships with schools are welcome to join the portal. Please contact us directly.


Warranties, maintenance and repairs are undertaken by the nominated reseller per product purchased. All resellers that offer products for sale on the UTS platform are required to provide warranty, maintenance and repair back up service to our clients.

UTS  provides the portals to facilitate transactions between re-sellers, suppliers, service providers and UTS customers. UTS is neither the buyer nor the seller of these Goods unless otherwise specified. The Sale formed on acceptance of your order for Goods that are for sale by a re-seller, supplier and/or service provider is therefore solely between the registered user and such re-seller, supplier and/or service provider. The re-seller, supplier and or service provider is solely responsible for fulfillment of the delivery of the Goods and is also responsible to provide an invoice to the registered user if required.

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