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Please note the following: It is law in South Africa that if you want  to teach you must register with SACE. This includes all Teachers from  Grade R up to Grade 12 at any Public or Private School. No Employer  may appoint a Teacher if he/she is not registered with SACE.

For the conference, Eduvation would like to offer 50% for all ISASA  schools to join the Eduvation SACE club.

Normal cost, R12,000 per year


for all teachers for 12 months

*If you have less than 20 teachers in a school, please contact
Eduvation for a special rate.*

Benefits of an Eduvation SACE memebership for your school:

-Assistance with registration of new teachers with SACE- We do all the
paper work for you!
– Assistance with SACE membership renewals- We do all the paper work for you!
-Creation of a personal professional development plan for all teachers
that can be accessed through the Eduvation platform by simply logging
– Each teacher will have a profile on the Eduvation platform where all
teachers can store all your certificates and insert any other
information into should you need to keep track of your points.
-On- going support from Eduvation with anything SACE and CPTD related
-Access to special discounts on Eduvation courses for member schools only.
-Access to school exclusive member only competitions and courses.
-Access to Free Type 1 CPTD points material and courses for your whole school.
-All SACE administration forms will be provided directly to your school.


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