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Securing the premises of the school. As the schools closed during class times these is no one supposed to drive in and out of the premises. Also, with that said the schools closes in the afternoons and only open early morning again. So, VOX will focus on perimeter security for the school and just their common areas within the school.

Where they have high risk areas VOX can also put cameras in place. And a big value add is then that VOX can remotely monitor the school cameras on their behalf.

Access control & Visitor management 

When it comes to access control and visitor management it is very important to control the flow of access to and from their premises. Not just from a health and safety point of view but also from a security point of view.

It is very important to know who is on the site. And if we have proper record of everyone that is on site? If not, where did that person come from?

With proper access control in certain areas we can restrict access to certain areas like for instance a server room. With proper visitor management at all the gates we can keep record of who is on the premises and have security restrictions in place to prevent everyone from just going onto the property.

With all of this we are able to supply, install maintain and monitor all these services to add value to the client’s premises.

MDU E Visitor

Unmanned Gate Access Control. Small to mid sized residential estates and offices parks alike, are continuously going though cost saving exercises

Traditional solutions such as physical guards or GSM intercoms used to manage visitor access, are not only expensive but in most cases, ineffective When it comes to security its important to not put quality, and in turn safety at risk, when trying to drive costs down

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Guardian Eye and Remote Monitoring

Our Visions – Design, Supply, install and maintain  integrated CCTV, Video Management, Advanced Analytics, Access Control. Parking Management and Number Plate Recognition systems to enhance security at Customer Locations.

Remote monitoring from a secure location. Camera systems linked via a secure network to a central management database in Terracoor directly to Guardian Eye Nerve Centre.

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Guardian Eye Business Security

Securing your premises is something on the mind of every business owner and with the ever-changing security landscape, you need a security partner that is covering you from all angles. As security experts, we believe your security solution requires a multi-faceted approach to mitigate risk. Our Guardian Eye Security team have the experience and expertise to scope, design, install and project manage your security solution, from sale to implementation.

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