KWIKFUEL has developed an in-house pre-paid platform to seamlessly plug into the existing fleet offer available from BP Masana – BP FleetMove. Kwikfuel wishes to propose a value offering to UTS, using the Kwikfuel platform and the BP Windscreen Tag technology. This will eliminate credit risk for the clients, Schools and Kwikfuel.

By utilising the Tag, clients would experience a direct impact on their bottom line.


It’s a known fact that within the fuel and oil industry, bigger means better – the purchasing of bigger volumes equals bigger rebates. Naturally, with economies of scale, big companies are able to leverage on purchasing large fuel volumes at a time, placing them in pole position to benefit from larger rebates offered by SA’s oil majors. This is a luxury currently inaccessible for the man on the street .

In partnership with BP Masana, KWIKFUEL is able to negotiate fuel price discounts not usually accessible to the man on the street, allowing the benefit of meaningful discounts each time they re-fuel.


In our current business climate, Risk Mitigation in the form of a pre-paid platform is essential for success in a project of this nature. The KWIKFUEL(YOUR INDIVIDUAL SCHOOLS ) pre-paid platform will be managed by a dedicated. KWIKFUEL customer service center team member. This will enable assistance in the application process.


1. Clients will be introduced to the programme via YOUR SCHOOLS PROGRAMME as the custodian of its network. In the introduction/promotional letter there will be a dedicated link that will take customers to the application form. The link will assist to identify the YOUR SCHOOLS clients for tracking purpose.
2. Application Form – Click APPLY NOW
• Complete all necessary fields
• Upload all relevant documents
• Click APPLY
3. Once your application has been approved, clients on the SCHOOLS PROGRAMME will receive a notification (via sms and email) with their KWIKFUEL members login and account details. Clients then deposit the required activation fee into a specified Bank Account referencing their KWIKFUEL account number.
4. Once the account is successfully opened they would be able collect windscreen Tag at the participating school.
5. Once the Tag is fitted the SCHOOLS PROGRAMME Clients would be able to log onto the Kwikfuel members portal to activate their Tags.
6. Clients would then deposit their fuel spend using their unique account number as a reference code i.e. KWIK9801
7. Clients will have access to a members portal to track their deposits, transactions, vehicle consumption, saving etc. “Clients on the SCHOOLS PROGRAMME can increase their cash flow with the KWIKFUEL Tag, by better management of their cash flow and working capital”


The success of the Uniform Technology Supplies business opportunity depends largely on the pulling together of Key Stakeholders, namely UTS , KWIKFUEL, BP Service Stations, and of course the beneficiaries – the Parents on the Schools Programme.

Schools wishing to participate in the program, please contact us via the form below.

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