Merchants that previously may have accepted cash and card payments only can now offer customers a new, secure and convenient payment option using NedLink point-of-sale (POS) devices.


• With Nedbank Instore Finance your customers can apply for finance to pay for goods or services at your store by using your NedLink POS device or your Nedbank e-commerce solution.

• It is a quick and easy digital process with no administrative or documentation overheads.

You initiate the finance application on your customer’s behalf by entering the customer’s ID number, cellphone number and financial service provider (FSP) name on your NedLink POS device.

• The FSP will then call the customer to finalise the lending agreement.

• Once the agreement has been finalised, you enter the customer’s finance collection code on your NedLink POS device to complete the purchase, and you will receive payment of the full amount within 48 hours.

• Customer verification and communication methods are secure as they are compliant with the requirements of the National Credit Act and adhered to by all participating FSPs.


• In addition to Nedbank, several other South African approved FSPs are part of the system providing finance to customers paying at Nedbank merchants.

• A key focus of this new feature is to provide high finance approval rates with quick turnaround times.

• Merchants can also offer lay-bye options to customers so they can pay for goods or services in instalments.

• Lay-bye accounts are administered by Nedbank’s technology partner SwitchPay (Pty) Ltd, which alleviates the merchants’ administrative burden.

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