Entry-level educational robot kit

mBot is the ideal entry-level robot kit for STEAM education. With just a screwdriver, children can easily build their mBot. It provides an entertaining learning experience for beginners by integrating block-based programing with robotics hardware, so that children are able to instantly see the result of their code.

Value Add-on Packs


Easy to build with the assembly guide

Clear visual instructions and a user-friendly design
makes assembling mBot easy. Each electronic module is color-coded according to its matching connector on the mainboard, so that all children have to do is match the colors.

Gamiied learning with block-based programming

Use the mBlock Blockly App to program and control your mBot to unlock games by simply dragging and dropping command blocks. Your mBot answers your commands to accomplish game tasks, making learning and playing one and the same.

3 pre-set control modes make mBot smart

mBot has 3 pre-set control modes: Obstacle avoidance mode, Line-follow mode, and Manual control mode. When used, children can turn more complex ideas into reality with mBot.

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