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Scottie GO! is a innovative, hybrid, solution (board game and a free app), which introduces coding and programming in an interactive, tactile and fun way to kids from 6 years+

Scottie Go! by combining physical puzzle tiles and the free App ensures that even the youngest of learners will enjoy the coding process. Coding using puzzle tiles involves all senses in the learning process. It teaches children how to use technology for purposes other than entertainment.

The objective is to encourage children to start their coding adventure by letting them play and to trigger their ability to think logically, plan and present their thoughts in a precise manner, which are important life skills.

Global solution: Scottie Go! has rapidly expanded to over 50 Countries globally including the UK, US, Spain, France, Germany, UAE, Poland, South Korea, Italy among many others. Contact us for availability and collaboration across SADC region.

S O M E  O F  T H E  S C H O O L S  T H A T  A R E   T E A C H I N G  C O D I N G  W I T H  S C O T T I E  G O !

“Fantastic, tangible introduction to coding and algorithmic thinking.”

Matthew Hains, ISPA Tech Teacher of the Year 2019 | (HOD) SAHETI School, Johannesburg


  • The game has 91 quests divided into 10 modules, which provide several dozen hours of great fun and learning.

  • The set consists of a box containing 179 blocks for writing programs, a user manual, game board and license code. Mobile device is not included in the set.

  • The player selects a task in the application and writes a program by placing tiles in the right order on the game board. The program controls the main character’s, that is Scottie’s, movements.

  • Then the player scans the program using the ScottieGo! application on a computer, smartphone or tablet.​​

  • Once the program is scanned, Scottie will perform, on the device screen, the instructions placed on the game board.The player will see whether the task was performed correctly.
  • The game is designed for children from the age of 6. Whilst the game can be played by a single player, Scottie Go! provides great teamwork fun in groups of 2-3 persons.

  • For very young players, it is recommended that the first levels of the game are completed with the help of an adult.

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