OKI Fincheck MTN Mobile 4U

Data Deals

Example: –

The above example based on:

  • 500 packages purchased by parents/students.
  • Smaller/larger deals are available on request. Pro-rata benefits to school per deal.

School receives:
*subsidised/free connectivity for 24 months: – fibre/CX broadband*

Student receives:
MTN contract (business data)

  • 10 GB anytime business data
  • Normal retail price R189 per month x 24 months
  • UTS promotional price: – once-off R480,00 incl vat

Monthly R139,00 incl vat

The promotional price is equivalent to R159 per month x 24 months.

  • Pro-rata cost for Broadband should target sims not be achieved.
  • Minimum sims required for free connectivity 500

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