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Exclusive to UTS for schools

With Fibre to the Business, Vox offers you a host of solutions to suit your unique business requirements. Future proof your connectivity and level up with our essential telecoms services – cloud PBX, uncapped data and uncapped voice calling. These bundled options provide for a faster and more reliable fibre connection to your premises and will allow your business to fix monthly telephone costs and eliminate PBX expenses.

100mb Connection – Upload / Download parity.

Offer comes with Chromebook to the value of 100K, and a OKI printer to the value of R20K

Total deal
R8999 per month x 36 month

Difference between a Home and Business line:

  • Home fibre is Asynchronous, meaning that download speeds higher than  upload speeds. Business fibre is more Synchronous.
  • Contention ratio is much higher on a home fibre line, normally 25:1  and higher, whilst on a business fibre line it is much lower, from  10:1 and lower.
  • This means, you will get more line speed out of a 100Mbps link on  FTTB(Fibre-To-The-Business) than on FTTH(Fibre-To-The-Home).
  • We can guarantee more QOS (Quality of Service) on a Business fibre  link than on a home fibre link.
  • Static IP’s can be supplied on a business fibre link.
  • Prices are VAT exclusive.
  • Interim wireless solution available subject to coverage and network feasibility.
  • Package availability is subject to coverage and network feasibility
  • Voice channels limited to 16 and 1Mbps VLAN included in total link capacity


  1. Chromebooks allocation based on a cost of R4300,00 ex vat per device as supplied by Tarsus.
  2. Pricing excludes budget for provision of Fibre in the area.
  3. Conditional on fibre being available in the area.
  4. Need address of school to finalise pricing.
  5. Separate contracts: – there will be Three contracts that need to be signed namely: –
    1. Connection service provider
    2. Financial services provider for devices
    3. Service level agreement with UTS which will include added value pricing.
    4. Documentation need to be filled in by school: – application form

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